In A Car Accident? Insurance Will Try To Cheat You

The story goes like this…

You are heading down the street when a car comes out of nowhere and plows into the side of your car!

Instantly there is damage to your car and worse you are hurt. You end up having lacerations on your face, bruises on your arms and legs and multiple pain areas around your neck and back.

You visit your doctor and are told your spine was injured, you have soft muscle tears and the pain in your neck and back is most likely from whiplash.

You are being told that you will need therapy and will most likely have to take some time off of work to heal.

After all said and done you are looking at a total cost of $35,000! $20,000 from all the medical treatment and another $15,000 in lost wages because you had to take additional time away from work.

And here is where the insurance companies cheat you!

You send the $35,000 bill to the insurance company and the insurance company responds with something like, “we have reviewed your claim and are prepared to over you $20,000” which continues on to basically say you can take it or leave it!

What do you do?

Unfortunately, thousands of people have experienced similar situations. This is exactly what most of the top insurance companies are doing to save money.

Why? Why do they try to cheat you the little guy out of money?

Well its because all the big insurance companies ultimately answer to their shareholders. The more money they can save for themselves and NOT pay you the better they look to their shareholders.

Former insurance industry insiders say that the top insurance companies do this all the time. If someone is in a car accident and submits a claim, they will do the three D’s: delay, deny and defend.

They delay handling your claim. They deny you were hurt. And they defend their decisions in drawn out court battles.

This has become a common strategy amongst several of the major auto insurance companies.

There is documentation from former claims adjusters that sometimes they would offer less than $100 dollars for an accident claim knowing that the person filing the claim was poor and most likely would take the money for fear they wouldn’t get anything at all.

The insurance companies are betting you won’t wait, you won’t sue and you will take what you can get and walk away.

Accident victims have been walking away from billions of dollars each and every year!

Don’t be a victim twice. If you or someone you know has been in an accident talk to a licensed legal professional to hear what options you have. One call that’s all. A few minutes now could put thousands of dollars more in your pocket later.